What is City Climb?

City Climb, the highest external building climb in the world, is a one-of-a-kind aerial adventure experience. Located above Edge, the highest outdoor sky deck in the Western Hemisphere, City Climb challenges Climbers to scale the outside of a 1,200+ foot supertall building, then lean out from the outdoor platform at the pinnacle of the skyscraper for the ultimate skyscraping adventure.

Led by trained guides, small groups traverse a series of open-air platforms and stairs along the perimeter crown of the skyscraper. State-of-the-art trolley and harness systems secure guides and guests to steel rails throughout the entire journey. With no obstructions along City Climb’s exterior perimeter, at various points throughout the experience Climbers can lean out across the open edges with nothing but air and breathtaking views of New York City. Offering never before seen skyline views, City Climb is an experience Climbers will remember for the rest of their lives.

At the end of the journey, Climbers can enjoy a victory lap at Edge with entry included in your ticket. Tickets are now available at


Is City Climb safe?

The safety of our Climbers and Climb Guides is our primary concern. City Climb was carefully engineered and rigorously tested to meet or exceed all local and federal safety standards and guidelines.  All equipment is inspected daily and signed off by both our maintenance technicians and our Climb Guides. All personnel complete extensive training to provide you with this experience of a lifetime. Climbers also receive a safety briefing to familiarize themselves with all equipment and as well as the course prior to starting their adventure. Following the comprehensive safety briefing, Climbers are fitted with specially designed safety harnesses, and secured into the course by City Climb Guides via lanyards attached to a trolley, that which seamlessly moves with the Climber throughout the entire journey.

Who can visit City Climb?

Based on the manufacture engineering specifications, for the safety of our Climbers and Climb Guides, City Climb participants must be:

Age: 13+

Height: 4.9ft - 6.7ft

Weight Requirements: 65lbs to 310 lbs

The following persons should not participate:

  • Guests under the influence of alcohol;
  • Guests under the influence of drugs or medications that could impair judgment;
  • Guests with heart conditions;
  • Pregnant women or those who may be pregnant;
  • Guests with disabilities that may interfere with their safety while participating in City Climb;
  • Guests with vertigo;
  • People with motion sickness;
  • Guests with any physical, mental, or psychological ailments, disorders, or diseases that would inhibit their ability to participate in or could be aggravated by this experience. 


Can I bring a camera or my own recording device?

No recording devices allowed on the course. All loose articles, including cameras, must be stored in a free locker during the climb for safety. Our Climb Guides will record the entire experience, as well as take still photos along the way. As part of the admission fee, all Climbers will receive a complimentary video of their City Climb.  Still photos will be available to purchase as part of a pre-visit package or after the Climb.

Will City Climb operate year round in all weather conditions?

City Climb will operate year-round in most weather conditions. However, high winds, heavy rain, lightning, and certain extreme temperatures, may cause us to delay or cease operations to ensure the safety of Climbers and Climb Guides.

What should I wear?

Can I wear glasses and/or sunglasses?

Yes, a tether will be provided to keep them secured.

What kind of shoes should I wear?

All Climbers are required to wear secure fitting, completely enclosed shoes that cover all of the foot, up to the ankle, without any toe or heel openings. City Climb shoes are available, in the situation where a Climber's shoe does not meet the specifications. 

Can I drink alcohol prior to my Climb?

All Climbers must have a blood-alcohol reading below 0.080 in order to participate in City Climb. During check-in, all City Climb participants will be breathalyzed. Any Climber who tests over the allowable limit will not be permitted to climb. If a Climber refuses to be breathalyzed, they will not be able to participate and their ticket will not be refunded.

Where's the best place for my family/friends to watch me from?

Friends and family can cheer on from Edge as Climbers reach the top of City Climb. The group can then meet up after the Climb for a victory lap at Edge, and toast champagne in the sky. Tickets to Edge can be purchased here.

Is there a secure place to put my belongings during my climb?

Yes. Free lockers will be provided to store Climber belongings. Normal-size backpacks and bags are permitted at Edge. The lockers cannot accommodate large bags and luggage. For security purposes, Hudson Yards reserves the right to inspect any bags. Climbers and guests consent to such inspection by visiting Edge. 

Can I bring medication on the Climb?

No loose items are permitted on the City Climb Course. Time will be provided before and after the climb to take medication. Climbers can store any medication in the free lockers provided. Climbers should ensure that they are free from any impairments due to medication, prior to checking in for a Climb session. 

Can I change or cancel my booking?

City Climb tickets are booked for a specific time and date and are a non-refundable purchase. 


Can I do group bookings?

City Climb can only accommodate a maximum of 8 guests per time slot. Guests booking for a party larger than 8 must book multiple time slots in order to accommodate the party size. 

How much time should I budget?

Between checking in, suiting up, and the Climb experience, Climbers should expect to spend approximately 75 to 90 minutes total for the experience. Please arrive early for your check-in time slot because once the Climb time has passed, we may not be able to accommodate the Climber on another Climb on the same day, depending on availability.