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Your safety, and that of our employees, is our highest priority. We have implemented a number of new enhanced measures in accordance with guidance issued by federal, state and local authorities to ensure the well-being of all who visit Edge.

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Working in collaboration with the Mount Sinai Health System, we've gone beyond the guidelines taking safety to new heights. Here's how we're keeping you safe:

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Reduced Capacity
For your safety, we have reduced the number of guests that can visit Edge each day by 75% to maximize the space available for you and ensure optimal spacing between people.
Timed Tickets
Pre-booked time slots will help stagger arrival times to avoid queues and crowds.
Temperature Screenings

A temperature check is required before you can enter Edge. We are using state-of-the-art, no contact thermal scanners to check the temperatures of visitors and employees when they arrive for work. If your temperature is 100°F or higher, you will not be able to visit and we will reschedule or refund your tickets.

No temperature information will be recorded or retained in connection with this process. To learn more about our privacy practices, please visit our privacy policy here.

Flexible Ticket Policies
For visitors who are displaying symptoms, that fail the temperature check or are unable to travel to Edge, you can easily reschedule your tickets so you can visit when you are healthy. If you can't, you'll receive a full refund.
Social Distancing
Floor markings have been installed throughout the experience to help you maintain appropriate social distance from each other.
Our touch-less elevators will be operating at reduced capacities to maintain social distancing guidelines. You’ll travel to the 100th floor in just 52 seconds.
Face Coverings
All visitors to Edge (over age 2) and employees are required to wear face coverings that fully cover your nose and mouth. Complimentary face coverings will be available for those who require them.
Protective Screens
Partitions have been added in select places where it is difficult to maintain strict physical distancing guidelines. These will be visible in areas around cash registers at the Box Office, the Beyond the Edge store and at the Edge Bar.
We have eliminated self-service cutlery and napkin stations at the Edge Bar. These will be provided to guests as required or upon request. For the health and safety of all visitors, water fountains will not be in use.
Extensive Training
Our team will be fully trained on the new protocols to assist you in having a safe visit.
Touchless Experience


We've implemented the following measures to reduce surface contact during your visit to Edge:

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We use state-of-the-art technology designed to efficiently perform security screening checks with no contact.
Elevators are operated remotely by Edge Ambassadors. Step in and enjoy the ride without having to touch a button.
Hand Sanitizers
Hand sanitizer stations have been installed throughout the experience.
We will be accepting all methods of payment and we encourage guests to opt for contactless payment options, such as mobile wallets where possible.
Where possible, we encourage you to purchase tickets online before your visit. To reduce contact, we ask that you scan your own tickets at the turnstiles.
Pre-Purchase Online
Remember, you can pre-purchase your Champagne and Photos online before you visit. Add them to your cart before checking out.
Bar menus will be available by QR code on your mobile devices. Due to current NY State guidelines, food and drink may only be consumed in designated areas as directed by Edge staff. Please be respectful of other Edge guests and only remove your face covering when eating and drinking.
Heightend Cleaning

Heightened Cleaning

At Edge, we continue to uphold rigorous cleaning procedures to deliver beautiful, clean environments for you to enjoy and now we are taking that even further:

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Increased Cleaning
We're increasing the frequency of cleaning and sanitizing high-touch areas in both back and front of house areas. This will be facilitated by additional staffing across our cleaning team.
Cleaning Solutions
Use of high-grade disinfectants and electrostatic sprayer treatments throughout.
Deep Cleaning
Nightly deep cleaning will take place throughout front and back of house areas.
Employee Work Areas
Continuously clean and sanitize employee work areas in both back and front of house according to CDC guidelines.

In all indoor spaces, we have brand new state-of-the-art HVAC systems which exceed all governmental requirements/COVID recommendations.

Key features include:   

  • High Efficiency Air Filtration
    • Two layers of filters
    • Our primary layer alone, MERV 16, is capable of removing 95% of airborne particles larger than 0.3 microns in diameter (in comparison, the CDC’s recommended MERV 13 filters remove only 50% of airborne particles in this range)
  • Enhanced Ventilation & Fresh Air
    • Leaving nothing to chance, our ventilation rates exceed CDC requirements for standard inpatient hospital rooms [, 2020]    
  • Best-in-Class Operational Performance  
    • Systems flushed twice daily (both before opening and after closing) 
    • Systems continuously monitored and managed via electronic Building Management System and also our qualified in-house engineering team  
We will continuously monitor and sanitize restrooms with additional staffing in those areas to disinfect all high touch areas on a regular basis.
Keeping Each Other Safe

Keeping Each Other Safe

Our enhanced health and safety measures are designed to protect against potential exposure to COVID-19. The way our new safety process will be most effective is if we all make sure to do our part.

Aside from respecting the safety guidelines put in place, we ask that visitors to Edge go above and beyond for each other. We're all in this together, so please do your part to maintain a safe, clean and fun environment for all to enjoy. These are things you can do:

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Stay Put
If you have tested positive for COVID-19, or have knowingly come into close contact with someone who has, we ask that you do not come to Edge for at least 14 days with no more symptoms. You can reschedule your visit here. We’ll be happy to welcome you back when you’re feeling healthy.
To reduce face-to-face contact, we encourage you to buy your tickets online before you visit. You’ll even save money by purchasing online with reduced ticket prices.
Back it Up
Please make sure to practice social distancing. Follow the markers placed around Edge to maintain a safe distance. Be smart, stand apart!
Suit Up
You will be required to wear a face covering that fully covers your nose and mouth at all times. Complimentary face coverings will be available for those who require them.
Be Air Aware
Practice respiratory and cough etiquette.
Most importantly enjoy your visit safe in the knowledge that you are in good hands. Our team will be available to help and guide you should you have any questions or concerns. We can’t wait to see you in the sky!

covid-19 warning

An inherent risk of community exposure to COVID-19 exists in any public place where people gather. COVID-19 is an extremely contagious disease that can lead to severe illness and death. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, senior citizens and people of any age with underlying medical conditions may be especially vulnerable.

We cannot guarantee you will not be exposed to someone who may be infected with COVID-19 during your visit.

By visiting Edge, you acknowledge and agree that you assume all inherent risks, including but not limited to risks arising from ordinary negligence, of exposure to COVID-19.

For the most updated, accurate information on COVID-19, turn to established public health resources, including the NYC Dept. of Health & Mental Hygiene, the New York State Dept. of Health, and the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC).

In partnership with NYC & Company, we are taking the Pledge to help the five boroughs open responsibly. Learn more here:

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