Private Morning Yoga Classes

Start your morning off right with a private yoga class at Edge. Find your flow and soak up the skyline more than 1,100 feet in the air at the highest outdoor sky deck in the Western Hemisphere!  

Classes will take place before Edge opens to the public with an entry time of 6:15 AM, a start time of 6:45 AM, and end time of 7:30 AM, with time to privately enjoy the view until Edge opens. If the weather is uncooperative, the Edge team will either move the class indoors, or cancel the day before if class is only to be outdoors. 

What’s included: 

  • Certified Instructor 
  • Yoga Mats for the class
  • Edge Ambassadors to staff entry, elevators, coat/bag check, etc. 
  • Security 

What’s needed: 

  • Agreement (Edge to handle and need 3-week lead time) 
  • COI ($5M umbrella minimum) 
  • Waivers signed by all participants 
  • Payment prior to class date 

What to know:

  • Classes available on Mondays (select availability on different weekdays)
  • Time Frame: May-September 
  • Capacity: 60 
  • Cost: $9,500 for a private yoga class
  • Additional Amenities:
  • Continental breakfast* (fruit, pastries, coffee, and tea): $5,000
  • Breakfast buffet*: $10,000 

*Breakfast options include private access to our private event spaces, pending availability.


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