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Celebrate World Book Day with Reading Rhythms at Edge for an unforgettable morning 1,100 feet in the sky on Tuesday, April 23.


  • Entry to Edge so you can enjoy the views during the event.
  • 90 mins reading party led by Reading Rhythms, consisting of reading and discussion sessions, set to a backdrop of ambient live music.


  • Bring a book of your choosing - you will be prompted to share ideas and themes from your book during our programming blocks woven throughout the event.
  • Event will run from 7.15AM to 8.45AM and take place on the outdoor sky deck - we reserve the right to move the event to the indoor space in case of inclement weather.
  • Entry will be between 6.15AM and 7AM at the Edge entrance on Level 4 of The Shops at Hudson Yards.
  • Tickets have a 15-minute entry window. Please make sure you arrive in your allocated time.
  • Cushions will be provided for a comfortable seating.
  • We encourage you to dress warmly, it can be a bit chilly on the deck!
  • This is a 18+ event.


Reading Rhythms is not a book club, it’s a reading party. In a world in which we spend far too much time scrolling, skimming, swiping, Reading Rhythms holds community members accountable to an hour of reading per night, set to a backdrop of ambient live music in beautifully crafted venues. Our events weave in thoughtful programming throughout to help our readers connect over their books as icebreakers, helping our attendees to use literary themes to break down walls between each other.

It’s become increasingly clear to us that Reading Rhythms is tapping into something much deeper than just reading; this is about addressing the loneliness epidemic in a very real way. We have the privilege to bring people together to read so that they can connect more deeply with themselves and, more importantly, with those around them.