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A Northern Lights Inspired Experience at Edge 

This March, a nightly immersive light display will illuminate the highest outdoor sky deck in the Western Hemisphere. Utilizing revolutionary lighting technology, walk into dramatic dancing waves of light on the sky deck as you take in the best views of New York City's skyline.

All ticket holders visiting Edge between March 3-7, 2022 from 7-10pm will have access to the light display. There will be four 20 minute shows every night at 45 minute intervals. Visitors between March 3-30, 2022 can also enjoy themed food and drink at the Edge bar and can step into a large-scale cloud display on the indoor sky deck for the ultimate sky-high selfie. 

Get ready to go into the sky, and out of this world!

March 3-7, 2022


There will be four nightly shows beginning at 7pm. Each show runs for 20 minutes every 45 minutes. 

Edge has indoor and outdoor views and is open during all normal weather conditions, but we reserve the right to close the outdoor sky deck during inclement or extreme weather, at our sole discretion. Tickets will not be refunded if the outdoor sky deck must close during SKYLIGHT, but may be exchanged to come back and experience it another night.